We have covered some chest, shoulders and hip flexors and now it’s time to delve into everyone’s favourite hip openers.

Sitting on a chair at a desk means we are sitting in just one plane of motion, and it’s the same plane of motion as when we walk, drive, etc. This means the hips get very tight and our range of motion decreases, this effects our hamstrings and lower back, which as we’ve discussed effects everything else. Never underestimate the impact of the fascial connections in the body.

So today’s pose is a basic hip opener you can do at the desk. Bring the ankle of the right leg above the left knee, leaving the left foot on the ground. Lean forward over the right shin and use your hand or elbow to press the right knee towards the floor as you do. Keep the right ankle flexed to look after your knee. If you are wearing a skirt face the desk and stay close to the desk, I have tried this and it’s possible in most office attire 🙂

Hip Opening
Hip Opening
Death By Sitting (Pt 5)
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