Continuing on from the last blog, here is another great move to help undo the negative effects of extended sitting.

When we sit, if the abdominals are not a little engaged to correct posture we end up slouching. The shoulders slump forward and we get a little hunchback. To counteract this, there is focus on abdominals for sure but that is another post, we need to stretch out the shoulders and chest.

We absolutely need to open through the front of the chest and shoulders as these muscles are shortening when shoulders are moving forward. What we don’t realise is that when shoulders are slouching the muscles in the back of the shoulders are being tightened as they are constantly contracting to try to limit the forward slouch. This move opens the back of the shoulders and gives those over worked muscles some relief.

Eagle arms to stretch the back of the shoulders
Eagle arms to stretch the back of the shoulders

To do this we bring one elbow underneath the other with bent arms. If it’s achievable for you bring the palms together, back of the hands or forearms is fine if that is as far as you get. Now move the elbows up while you draw the shoulder blades down and move the hands away from the face. Hold for at least one minute then switch arms so the other arm is underneath.

Happy stretching 🙂

Death By Sitting (Pt 3)