Yesterday we looked at opening up the hip flexor muscles which become short when you sit for too long too often. Today is all about the shoulders. When you sit the ideal is to have your abdominals about 20% engaged to help you maintain good posture…….how long can you maintain that before muscle fatigue sets in??

So at some point fatigue sets in and we slump or slouch, the shoulders start to roll in and the back starts to hunch a little. When this happens, overtime, all the muscles in the front of the chest and shoulders get shorter exacerbating the problem. It’s so important to keep them at their functional length for so many reasons. Breathing is deeper and more beneficial and psychologically we are more confident if we can sit or stand up straight, when one part of the body is out of alignment guaranteed the rest is going to be messed up trying to compensate!

So onto the shoulders we go. It’s a simple one, you can even do it at your desk if you must. Remember the ‘rule’ of 4 minutes movement for every 30 minutes sitting 🙂

Sit on the very edge of your seat and reach the hands back to grab onto the back of your chair. Grab as high as your shoulders will allow and lean forward, not down. Hold this for at least a minute, hopefully it feels so good you will hold it longer.

Simple shoulder stretch
Simple shoulder stretch
Death By Sitting (Pt 2)