What do we offer?

Myofascial Release: a form of massage, this technique is designed to free the body of myofascial restrictions. The connective tissue of the body that surrounds and connects muscles is called the Myofascia. Whether it is through particular movement patterns or injury, we often create adhesions, tension and ‘stuck spots’. Myofascial release targets and releases these spots to enable fluid movement once again.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation: this is a movement modality that reprograms our basic core engagement and movement patterns. When we pull it back to the basics, get that right, we can then perform complex and heavily loaded movements easier and with less risk of injury.

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that enables students to explore their potential in mind, body and soul. We teach vinyasa yoga which is a more dynamic style linking movement to each breath creating a moving meditation. Classes are strengthening, lengthening and relaxing.

Pilates creates confidence through strengthening the core of the body. This dynamic practice is dedicated to improve fitness, strength and mobility through movements that target the abdominals, back, buttocks and thighs. When these areas are strong the rest of the body is too.

Pilates Barre is a more dynamic and cardio style practice. This class combines the elegance and tone of ballet barre workouts with the powerhouse developing pilates moves. It is fun and challenging, guaranteed to work up a sweat and tone the body. We also add some yoga in to keep the body long and lean.