Erin regularly runs workshops at various studios. The next is a ‘Roll & Release’ myofascial release and DIY tutorial at Sprout Yoga in Currumbin.


‘Integrated Anatomy’ and ‘Fascia 101 for Yoga’ available soon.


Yoga Teacher Trainings with Erin teaching Anatomy and e-course coming soon.

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So you get the idea that sitting is bad for you in many ways. Today is a simple spinal twist that many people do by instinct anyway. I used to be a high school teacher and I would see countless

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What students say about Erin

Iย loved your anatomy lecture, I’ve even quoted you in some of my classes!!

Erin’s relaxed persona and pratical hands on teaching style meant that all the students including myself retained all the information that Erin taught us. Her varying media ensured we kept interested. Thank you Erin for sharing all your knowledge with us we were very lucky indeed.

Erin is an excellent yoga instructor โ€“ her style is a fine blend of focus on technique, emotional well-being and continuous improvement. Over an eight year journey of weekly practice, Erin has always been reliable, well-prepared and enthusiastic. She has made a difference to my life.

Erin has been a part of the Essence of Living team for almost a decade, originally completing her yoga, pilates & Barre teacher training through the academy. Not only is she a terrific teacher but an extraordinary educator, so much so that she now teaches all of the anatomy & physiology on our teacher training courses; – Yoga 200hr – Pilates Mat – Yin Yoga 100hr. Erin lives & breathes her passion for movement & anatomy, and anyone lucky enough to work with Erin is truly blessed.

The anatomy module of Yin Teacher Training was my favourite! The expansive new teachings on fascia were mind blowing, I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for your new book! I’ve shared the info about stored memories and how dense fascia can get without stretching and hydration, it adds a new dimension to my one on ones ๐Ÿ™‚

Always love your stuff Erin, for your geeky science mind! Thank you!

Awesome session, thank you Erin!!

Brilliant….loved it thank you. So important to make people aware of fascia.

Basically I just want more!